Our Promise

Profitable Fish Farming

With over 15years experience in Aquaculture, we have helped farmers turn their ventures around to profitability by;

Providing quality information on the best management practices.

Ensuring that all necessary factors are evaluated before setting out to establish a fish farm. Our professional input ranges from stock selection, to water and soil evaluation and nutritional regimen.

AquaNaira has a face, meaning we are physically available to attend to your needs in person. Our trained fishery extension services agents are available to pay you a visit and mitigate every risk associated with fish farming..

We understand what Growth and Profitability means

Establishing a fish farm business needs an expert touch in all areas. We are constantly researching the best strategies and models to employ to increase yield of different species of fish. We do not stop at that, marketing and processing is also part of what we do at AquaNaira.